An Actually Easy & Faster Way to Fat Loss For a Healthy You!

girl seeking faster way to fat loss

After what could be viewed as the most sedentary year on record, you may be among the many that are looking for a faster way to fat loss to get rid of your unwanted lockdown pounds.

No doubt increased comfort snacking and less exercise has affected our physical and mental well-being

In light of this, our question to you is: Would you like to reverse these effects in the shortest amount of time possible?

If so, continue reading to learn about a faster way to fat loss.  

You Are What You Eat

There really is no faster way to fat loss than reducing the number of calories that we are taking in.

Cut out all ultra-processed and junk foods immediately, including sugary beverages and alcohol. Although tasty, a moment on the lips really can mean a lifetime on the hips. 

These foods have little nutritional value meaning that they are processed into the very thing that you are trying to remove from your body, fat.  

Remember though, food is not our enemy. In fact, many foods can help us in our goals to trim down.

In fact, many people use nutrient rich protein or meal replacement shakes to help curb their appetite while loading up on the vitamins and minerals they need.

We love doing this, and use a shaker bottle to help make sure we don’t get any powder clumps in our shakes. Here’s a great one:

What Should I Eat for Faster Fat Loss?

The faster way to fat loss includes incorporating foods that can actively help you to lose weight. Good fats and lean proteins (avocados, cheeses, eggs, etc) leave you feeling fuller, which reduces any urge for sneaky calorie spiking treats.

Also, make sure you are using the secret weapon against fat loss.


As well as reducing your appetite it plays an active role in fat burning. Lipolysis is your body’s process of burning fat and it needs water to initiate its first stage. So drink more water, as the more there is in your system, the faster and smoother the whole process is.   

Exercising for Fat Loss: What Works?

If you want to find an even faster way to fat loss, incorporating regular exercise into your life on top of changing your diet is the only way to go. 

We lose weight by being in a caloric deficit. In basic terms, the more calories we burn and the less we eat the slimmer we get. 

So if we are looking for the fastest way to lose weight, we should incorporate exercises that burn the most calories.

At the top of the list is sprint interval training.

By sprinting in short intervals, your whole body is working at its maximum capacity, burning the highest amount of calories possible over a short period of time. In fact, a recent study has shown that it is 40% more effective at burning fat than traditional HIIT training and 50% more efficient.

Here are some steps to get started.

  • Be sure to warm-up
  • Sprint at a 1:3 ratio, meaning should you sprint for 30 seconds you should walk or jog for at least 90 to 150 seconds    
  • Cooldown by walking until your heart rate returns to normal

Losing fat fast is also greatly helped if we incorporate resistance training into our exercise program. By lifting weights we place our body under strain, meaning that, much like sprint interval training, we continue burning fat after we stop exercising, which is great news! 

No Faster Way to Fat Loss Than to Begin Today

The first step on a journey is always the most difficult. But unless you make a start, you will never reach your goals.

The proof is in the pudding, so try out these weight loss tips and you will see that there is no faster way to fat loss.

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