Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

Ah coffee. Considered the elixir of life by many. It’s the most welcome sight for so many in the mornings. To go from feeling like a zombie first thing after waking up, to feeling back to normal after a much needed boost of caffeine. But does coffee stunt your growth as so many believe?

It’s no wonder that stores like Starbucks are pretty much everywhere around the world these days. For many, their love of coffee is unfathomable! It’s one of the most popular drinks in the US, and around the world for that matter.

Actually, people between the ages of 18-65 drink more coffee than any other caffeine drink in the US. And surprisingly, it’s the second most popular drink among adolescents! 

Indeed, for its aroma, its beautiful taste and its welcome warmth and energy boost in the morning – it’s certainly understandable. But when something is so popular, with addictive properties – rumors start to spread. 

One of the most well known rumors is that coffee can stunt your growth. Is there any truth to this claim?

In this guide, we will explore this claim, along with some other potentially useful information surrounding your favorite brown bean! 

Is The Claim True? Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

One of the happiest things you’ll learn today is that – no, coffee does not stunt your growth! Phew! 

We will explore why people might have thought this were the case soon, but if you’re in a hurry – this is the be all and end all. If you’re consuming coffee, your height and overall growth will not be affected.

Your height and general time of growth will all be determined by your genes and other health factors. Coffee will not play a part in that. However, coffee can be attributed, at least in part, to something else. 

If you’re partial to drinking coffee with cream and sugar, you might be putting on weight. So technically, coffee can inadvertently help with weight gain due to the sugar consumption. 

People who are overweight whilst growing up can have some growth differences, but not to the point where their growth is classified as stunted.

Don’t panic though! If you’re drinking coffee as it comes, there are some studies that suggest it can aid in weight loss. Ultimately though, coffee won’t help you as a magic drink to put on or shed weight. It should be part of a balanced diet. 

Drinking too much coffee can be harmful, but it won’t stunt your growth. 

Reasons For The Claim That Coffee Stunts Your Growth

Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

Some people thought that coffee could have been responsible for stunted growth in the past, and this myth continues to circulate today. In fact, some people refuse to allow their children to drink coffee as they worry about its effects. 

How this myth was started is not exactly clear – it is simply an old wives tale. However, scientists and other researchers theorize that the claim stemmed from the idea that drinks containing caffeine resulted in the consumer having a reduction in bone mass. 

This claim is untrue though. It made sense why people would think it though. Over time, as research progresses, we understand far more about our world and our bodies, but without any knowledge – we would go by deductive reasoning. 

There are some real health concerns when it comes to the overconsumption of coffee though, which we are going to explore. 

Health Problems Associated With Coffee 

There are several health concerns that can be attributed to the consumption of coffee – specifically, the overconsumption of coffee. These include:

Sleep Disruption 

A favorite property of coffee is that it can boost your alertness and wake us up in the mornings (or when we really need it!). 

The problem is, the effects can go the other way around too. Basically, the property to promote alertness can also occur when you’re trying to get some shut-eye, which can be problematic. 

The effects of caffeine wear off in adults much quicker than younger people, but it will also depend on your metabolism and your tolerance for caffeine.

Either way, if you try to go to sleep when the caffeine hasn’t worked its way through your system – you’re going to have trouble switching off. 

As a result, you can develop insomnia over time, which has huge health concerns connected to it, including weight gain, digestive problems, immune system problems and depression among many others. 

Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth

Sugar Related Problems 

As we said earlier, if you’re partial to cream and sugar in your coffee – overconsumption can lead to some terrible health concerns. Sugar can ruin your teeth and gums, which can assist with the development of heart disease. 

Too much sugar can also lead to diabetes, weight gain, insomnia, nausea and irritability. Due to its sweetness which many love, refined sugar can become addictive and it becomes a vicious circle.

Breaking this circle is crucial in your health, so it’s always best to enjoy your coffee as it comes. 

Health Benefits To Coffee

Conversely though, coffee has been suggested to aid in certain health benefits. Due to its properties and make-up, coffee has antioxidant capabilities which can help with cell repair. 

It can also help with exercise, which can assist with weight loss, mental health and serious health problems like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

There have also been studies which link coffee to the medication of cancer, heart disease, liver and kidney disease. 

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

400mg of caffeine is the generally advised limit to consume per day. However, this will depend on your age and other health factors. 

It’s always advisable to speak with your doctor about how much coffee is okay for you to consume per day and how much they would suggest.

Remember though, caffeine is also present in other popular drinks like cola, tea and energy drinks. So be mindful of these before you drink 400mg of coffee! 

Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth? No. 

Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks around the world and it’s not surprising. Many love it! Remember though, you should enjoy coffee in moderation with a balanced diet and exercise.

And remember – it won’t stunt your growth!